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Danny Stack is an award winning script writer. Having worked as a script analyst for Pathe, Working Title, Miramax and the UK Film Council. His credits include Eastenders, CBBC’s Roy, he set up Red Planet Prize with Tony Jordan in 2007, and I could mention so much more. Check out his screenwriting blog for more.

I came to know Danny after pestering him while I was writing my first little short film, Angel of the Night (2009). I managed to persuade him to help me develop the screenplay for my first major short film project Love Like Hers. Fortunately he said yes and came on-board as Script Editor.

Working with the guidance of a Script Editor (Danny) has seriously aided my development as a writer. This is evident as I work on the screenplay for P.I. my next short film project.

I’m lucky enough to have Danny working on P.I. I sent him the first draft of the screenplay last week and his feedback was very positive.

This morning (Wednesday) we had a one hour Skype chat to go through the screenplay. It’s great to hear Danny saying that this draft of the screenplay is in good shape and that we’re on the right track for a great short film. It’s important now to really dig deep and get the best out of this screenplay. Danny was pushing me to think about my reasons for wanting to make this film. Pushing me to pull on personal experiences to help build the emotional qualities of the story.

Making notes as we talked about the film, there’s a list of things that Danny mentioned that will help me get even more out of this story. At this moment it’s less about plot/story and more about finding the heart of what I am trying to make. What really drives my protagonist? What elements will connect with an audience on an emotional level? And so on.

We’re aiming incredibly high with this film, we’re trying to win an Oscar. Crazy I know, but why the hell not?

I’ll now start work on ideas for improvements to the screenplay ready for draft two and another Skype meeting with Danny.

If you’re a new filmmaker wanting to take your own ideas and turn them into a screenplay, before shooting it, then please work with an experienced professional. It’s an essential part of not only learning, but putting together a team of people that will help you get your movie made.

Thanks for stopping by.


You can see my first short horror film, Angel of the Night, shot with no budget here

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  1. Chris Hughes

    Great posting Danny. The questions you ask of your characters, what drives them, and the heart of the story made me think of the script I am trying to polish so thanks for the nudge.


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