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I’ve just finished the first draft of the budget breakdown for Love Like Hers. I’m working on a budget of $8,000 (£7,000) for this film. It may turn out that I need a little more, something that I’m looking VERY closely at. However, I will be doing everything I can to keep those costs down.

So far, the budget stretches to the following departments on Love Like Hers:

  • CAST £1,500
  • CREW £1,500
  • CATERING £500
  • TRANSPORT £400
  • INSURANCE £500
  • MISC £550
Now, of course some of these figures are subject to change. But for now they give me some idea of how any money raised can be divided. 
Being quite a resourceful person I’m sure will help me get my hands on the odd freebie. In fact, I’m currently talking to several suppliers in the hope of blagging a few bits of equipment to help release a little pressure on the budget. 
The majority of the crew will be working for free, or at a much lower rate than normal. There’s already several individuals who have shown an interest in offering their services for FREE. Something that I WILL NOT forget 🙂
The problem area for me will be the cast. I want a known actress for the main part in the film. My hope is that they will want to get involved for a minimal fee. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on. 
So far I’ve raised $2,475 for this film. There have been a lot of interested individuals who will be investing in the coming months and I am very hopeful of reaching the $8k target, and maybe even a little more. 
If you would like to contribute to my next film and help get us to that target, please do visit my Indie GoGo page to see all the fun perks that are available in return for your kind contribution. 
NEWS: My next live show, an open and honest account of my journey as a filmmaker, will be on Friday 2nd April at 6.30pm GMT UK via my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm Hope you can tune in. 
Thanks for your support!

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