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I set aside a few hours during my busy working schedule to work some more on my P.I. detective thriller project this afternoon.

It’s in its third treatment phase with lots of changes and tweaks to be made before I even think about starting the first draft of the screenplay. However, the story and plot lines are coming along nicely and developing into what I strongly believe will be an attractive little short movie.

The premise of the story is… MAX is a private detective, his business has hit rock bottom following an extensive and gruelling murder case – that he won! At the expense of his business. He is sat in his leather executive chair surrounded by an antique mahogany desk piled high with old files and out of date stationery. In walks a mystery woman. She offers him ten grand to take on a murder investigation. Here’s the start of the plot – the crime hasn’t been committed yet! That’s all I’m revealing for now. Suffice to say the story is full of twists and turns and a BIG twist at the end!!!

Watch this space for the development of the screenplay.

Thanks for reading.

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