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I had an incredibly productive and exciting meeting with a friend of mine, of whom I hadn’t seen in ages, last Friday. He’s the director of a TV production company with excellent relationships with ALL of the major TV stations (BBC, Sky, ITV, Biog etc).

His company spend the majority of their time coming up with new ideas for TV, at the moment mainly in the factual/entertainment genre with plenty of their programmes broadcast on the major channels. However, the business is currently working on developing the drama side. The TV industry is crying out for new, original and exciting British drama projects.

We discussed some of my ideas and I’m pleased to say that I’ve been asked to work on producing several new ideas for drama, sci-fi and the thriller genre.

I have lots of ideas, some good-some needing work, and will be writing a one page outline for each ready for submission and discussion. I’m also having regular brainstorming sessions to generate new ideas — sometimes starting with the most ridiculous premise for a story!

Watch this space closely as I WILL be writing an honest and (almost) open account of my progress.

Thanks for visiting.

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