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I keep getting asked, what’s your plans for Love Like Hers?

The film is now with my editor and it could be in post production for quite some time yet with plenty of work to be done. It has always been my plan to enter Love Like Hers into a handful of film festivals around the world. I don’t want to go crazy to start with, I’ll carefully hand pick 10 to 20 festivals to start with and see what kind of response the film gets. If the response is favourable, then the film will be sent to a few more festivals.

As I’ve just mentioned, I don’t want to go crazy and enter too many festivals – simply because it’s way too expensive and time consuming at this moment in my career.

Before all that, there will be a special premiere screening of the film for family, friends, cast, crew and special guests later this year or early next year. I intend on putting on quite an event. Watch this space for more.

Lots of exciting blog updates to come on post-production on Love Like Hers.

In the meantime I’m now well into the development of my next short film, ‘P.I.’, and my serious attempt at winning an Oscar, nuts!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the YouTube page for LOTS of behind the scenes video, all to do with filmmaking – http://www.youtube.com/dannylaceyfilm.


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  1. Robin Schmidt

    I hear you about wanting to win an Oscar, those only so many shorts you can make before the process becomes incredibly tedious. Which is why I've only made two and those were shot incredibly quickly with almost no preproduction and brutal post schedules. Next one is the rocketship. Good luck with PI and can't wait to see how Love Like Hers turned out.


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