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Directing Susie Amy on set of Love Like Hers

I thought I’d opt for a more relaxed year of activity, taking it easy in the hope that my career will be launched in a more casual manner. Whatever!

It’s making my eyes water just thinking about it. Here’s a few projects that I’m working on in 2011 – it’s a heavy workload.

Now in post-production, I’m working with Mark Talbot-Butler (editor) to tighten up the edit and get us ready to take the film into sound and grading. The plan is to have the film finished by the end of February. Then, there will be a special premiere screening event to be held at The Pictureville Cinema in Bradford, West Yorkshire (limited tickets available if you fancy coming along, just £10 each – email me to reserve a seat).

The film will then be sent to five film festivals. No more. This film was meant to be a learning experience, a steep one at that. It was never my intention to go crazy in the film festival market. One step at a time.

Once it has run its course on the small festival circuit, a DVD and Blu-Ray version of the film will be made available for purchase.

The project that I keep referring to as ‘top-secret’. All I can say, is, it’s a sci-fi project that I’m very excited about. I’ll be directing a small crew in Feb/Mar as we shoot a teaser-clip on the latest RED camera. This teaser-clip will be shown for the first time during the premiere screening of Love Like Hers. Then, I’ll be revealing everything about this project on the blog.

A serious attempt at winning an Oscar, or at least getting very close! P.I. will be my next, and final, short film before attempting to take on a feature film project. We’re aiming very high with this film.

I’ve made a very good start on developing the story and I’m hoping to start the first draft of the screenplay very soon. Again, I’ll be working with Danny Stack (scriptwriting genius) to help knock this script into Oscar winning condition.

The film is a thriller, set in post-war 1940s. But it’s NOT a war movie! Keep your eye on the blog for plenty of updates on this one.

This will be my first attempt at a feature film. I’ve already got the idea for the story, the plan is to work on development and pre-production during 2011, and shoot the film in 2012. An essential element to the success of this project is to attach a big name actor as early as possible. It’s an incredibly ambitious film project, with a very clear target audience.

Just some of the projects I’ll be working on this year – where to start!?

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