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The moving picture aspect of the Love Like Hers edit is 95% done. Yet, there’s still plenty to be done.

The above video is a little insight into the Love Like Hers edit timeline. It’ll give you some idea of the process the film is going through right now.

You can also view this on my YouTube channel here http://www.youtube.com/dannylaceyfilm

We’re another step closer to having our first test screening with a small group of random people. It’ll be their notes and feedback that will aid the next batch of tweaks to the edit. A very important process if I am to get the absolute best from this short film.

Love Like Hers Rushes

Mark Talbot-Butler (editor) has done all that he can on the film, due to work commitments and jetting off to LA for several months. This has left me with the task of fine tuning the film. Fortunately, I do have experience in editing which is proving incredible valuable right now.

Putting the finishing touches to the edit on Love Like Hers is like re-writing the screenplay. I’ve literally moved scenes around, dubbed dialogue over other scenes, experimented with inter cutting previously unused footage and so on. It’s amazing just how much the edit can reshape your film.

It’s the finer edit points that will help with the flow of the film; when to cut between takes, slightly overlaying the dialogue/video cuts to help with the flow etc. Getting the timing right for when to ‘cut’ is so important, it’s like an orchestra. The individual instruments represent the clips on the timeline, they all have to play at the right time in order to deliver a beautiful sound.

So right now It feels like I’m conductor, getting all the clips on the timeline to work together to deliver a compelling piece of film.

Keep your eyes on the blog, plenty more updates to come as post-production picks up serious pace on Love Like Hers. The next major phase will be sound design – can’t wait to tell you more about that.

NOTE: The screengrab software I used for the above video was Screenflow. Cost me $99 but was worth it and will come in very handy. 

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