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I head off to the Isle of Man tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). I’ve agreed to film a wedding video for a friend of a relative on Saturday.

Some might think I’m a little mad for agreeing to do this. There is the potential to ruin someones big day by producing a crappy wedding video. However, I’m confident that I’ll be able to reach the standards that I’ve seen on MANY professional wedding video business websites (some are just dreadful!!!). I don’t think I’ll struggle to pull off a good quality wedding video for the happy couple (well, that’s what I’ve been brainwashing myself with over the last few weeks. The actuality is I’m a little nervous ha!).

I’ve decided to make a video diary of the whole thing. I’ll upload onto this blog when I’m back (sometime next week).

Fingers crossed it goes well and doesn’t end up putting me off using a camera ever again!!

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