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It’s really hard to put all my thoughts into a single blog post right now. So many emotions, so much I want to share but I’m unable to organise my brain – It might take me some time.

I’ll start by saying WOW! I can’t believe that just happened. A film that I wrote, produced AND directed has been filmed, and is now ready for a marathon post-production.

Three fourteen hour days, a crew of OVER thirty, six locations, eleven pages of screenplay, five actors – incredible. It really was like working on the set of a feature length film in its scale. We had a huge make-up van, a huge production office, the actors had a room each in a trailer, we were working with a low loader that’s used on many a blockbuster movie, shooting on an incredible Arri SR3 camera using Super 16mm film and then the rest.

There were ups and downs on the shoot. The weather knocked us three hours behind on day one which meant we had to drop lots of shots from our garden location – not ideal but needed to keep us on track. There were moments when I just wanted the ground to open and for me to fall in. These were the few times where I didn’t think things were going as I’d planned or hoped for. Having to drop shots and various camera set-ups because of time restrictions was a little depressing at times. Worrying that I wasn’t going to get the coverage needed for the scene, and giving us extra options for the edit. Not the fault of the crew, more of my naive plans to shoot so much in just three days.

However, the ups far outweighed the downs. It was like walking on air at times. I was making a film, directing an incredible team and I felt confident. It was an incredibly steep learning curve, picking things up on-the-fly as the shoot progressed.

Many lessons were learnt that’s for sure. Things that I could have done in pre-production to help in production. You can never spend too much time preparing.

I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to all the crew that were on this film, the amount of hours and effort these guys put in was incredible. It was a real pleasure working with every single one of them!! And the cast, blimey, talk about an incredibly talented group of actors. Leoni Kibbey did a great job of casting on this film.

Anyway, I’m going to share more thoughts, experiences and behind the scenes bits n bobs on the next live Internet TV show which will be on Tuesday 21st September at 9pm UK time via my Livestream Channel which is here http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm

Some pics from the shoot….
(behind the scenes pics taken by Christy DeHaven)

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