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The script has now been locked. That’s it, no more tweaking here and tweaking there! The words are firmly set in stone on those pages.

I’m well on the way with pre-production for this idea. I want to shoot the short film in March/April 2009 time. I’ve drawn up draft one of what will be the production schedule. It’s looking likely that this will be a two day shoot. A lot of the film is shot at night, I’m sure this will cause a few logistical nightmares on the run up to filming.

The next phase, before flying over to the Isle of Man to scout for locations, will be to decide what equipment I’ll need for the shoot and what size crew. A very good friend of mine, Dave Armstrong, has kindly agreed to help me. He’s a very talented photographer (stills and motion) and has worked on many film projects over the years. I’ll be meeting with Dave in January to go over everything in time for principal photography in March/April.

In the meantime, I’ve put together a mock poster for the feature – it kinda gives you a feel for the movie. Click on the poster above to see a bigger version (please ignore the web address at the bottom of the poster – this doesn’t exist yet).

Plenty more updates to come. I’m working on several short movies now as well as a TV series idea that I’m very excited about.

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