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I’m currently tapping away on the outline to what was once my Crash project. After my visit to the Isle of Man last weekend and a marathon brainstorming session with my film maker friend Dave Armstrong an elaborate and NEW concept for the Crash idea was born.

The new idea makes the title Crash completely irrelevant – so for now the working title is just Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project. Creative I know!!

I’m extremely excited about this project, the collaborative team of myself, Dave Armstrong and Christy DaHaven has, I believe, created a story idea with serious potential.

The challenge now is to write a comprehensive outline that brings all the ideas together ready for the first draft of the screenplay. I’ll be chatting to Dave over Skype on Monday evening to discuss the outline further.

We’re all agreed that this idea has legs and I’m hoping to start principle photography around April/May time. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to show off the finished film!

Thanks for visiting.

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