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Here we go, the start of 2009 and edging closer to the second of my three year plan to get my movie ideas on the big screen. This will be the year that I get active behind the camera – writing, developing and shooting short movie ideas as often as I can.

In early February I’ll be visiting the Isle of Man to see a friend and fellow film maker to discuss my ‘Crash’ short screenplay. The visit will be a great opportunity to scout for ideal locations and recruit cast and crew. Can’t wait!!

The Christmas break was a nice and relaxing affair. It’s been a hectic year and I decided that I needed to take things easy for a week or two. Batteries fully recharged. However, the Christmas break wasn’t entirely event free. I decided to shoot a very experimental short to put my new camera to the test. So, I came up with this ridiculous idea for a short called ‘Brew – one cuppa two many’.

The idea behind this blog is to document my progress in establishing myself as a respected film maker. I thought it might come in handy and make interesting reading for like minded film makers in a similar position. Therefore, I’d made the decision to give an honest account of my journey, dirty laundry and all.

So, here’s the link for the video http://www.vimeo.com/2707013.

This is going to be a very fast paced year for my film career, I’m increasing the pressure on myself to put pen to paper and finish off several script ideas and to dedicate time to brainstorming movie and TV ideas. It’s all about self discipline and confidence in your own ideas.

Keep an eye on this blog for updates on my progress!

Thanks for stopping by.

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