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This trip will I’m sure prove to be a very important landmark in my career. I never in a million years expected to get as much from this visit. A creative collaborative team has been born – full of ideas and bursting with an overwhelming desire to develop ideas for film and TV that will revitalise a weakening British industry. You probably think I’m crazy! The premise of visiting the island was to go through a pre-production plan for my Crash short trailer/movie idea. This included scouting for locations, discussing crew, casting, equipment etc. And this is exactly what happened. However, myself, Dave Armstrong and his partner Christy spent many hours talking about the concept for the trailer. Before we knew it we were introducing new ideas, a completely different concept and enough material for an ENTIRE MOVIE! The ideas were flowing, it was one great idea after another. I was suddenly inducted into the advantageous world of collaboration. An awesome experience and extremely inspiring. Crash has now taken on a whole new life. The title no longer relevant (that reminds me, I’m going to have to think of a new name for the film!) I’ll be spending the next few days developing a new outline for the project before writing a new screenplay for the TRAILER. A trailer that will be the foundations for a MOVIE!!! Eventually! I’ll be keeping the new concept well under wraps for now, I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone. Suffice to say we’re ALL very excited about the prospects for this idea. And it didn’t end there… I’ve also been working on an idea for a twenty-four episode TV series. A blockbuster series that could compete with the American TV shows! I’m confident that this idea has mileage and could get the TV execs over here excited!! I decided to share the concept with Dave, he was incredibly impressed and we ended up spending several hours going through various scenarios for the idea and trying to expand on it a little. The next phase will be for me to write a detailed outline of the concept before working on characters and an A-Z plan for the series story timeline. It’s all very exciting and I know that collaborating with someone like Dave will act as a catalyst to productive development on my various ideas. And it didn’t end there… I also ended up filming a recording session with an artist signed to Dave’s record label (Running Media). I was asked to shoot some footage of her in the studio for a DVD. Also, and I really- really- really- can’t say too much about this but, I also directed a spoof pop rap music video with a humorous outlook on the credit crunch. That’s all I can say (and it hurts not being able to say much more, aaaargh!!) The video blog of my trip will be uploaded soon. Thanks for visiting!

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