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I’ve just finished the third page of the first draft for my next short film project – a ‘very’ tragic love story.

I’m really wanting to tug on the heart strings and drive home an emotionally charged story full of adventure for my next project. All I’ll say for now is that this story strikes through the heart of the crumbling relationship between a father and daughter and his hatred for the one she wants to wed.

As well as pushing on with draft one of the screenplay, I’m working on nailing that perfect title. No luck so far! Lots of options but not one of them jumping out at me yet. Must keep trying.

Here’s the plan, to roll on with pre-production in January 2010. I’ll be looking at trying to get my hands on some spare cash to fund the film. Having said that, this will be a VERY low budget film and I’ll yet again be asking for favours and knocking on doors with my cap in hand.

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