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Time to increase PR and marketing activity for my next short film, Love Like Hers.

On March 3rd, I’ll be directing a photo shoot with a model and EXTREMELY talented photographer to deliver a stunning image for the next stage of increasing interest in my short film. I have several images in my head for the look I need for what I’m calling my poster campaign. These images focus on what will be the main character of my film. Even though nobody has been cast for the main role just yet, I thought it would be a great idea to introduce a face, a look to some early marketing.

This image will be used for future graphics to help promote my project and to also front a teaser website for Love Like Hers, more on that in a future blog.

Serena McCutcheon has the look I’m after for this campaign and has kindly agreed to give up some of her time to be the face of this project. Which is great news. You can see some of her headshots on this post.

Julian Holtom, a good friend of mine and the stills photographer on my last short film, will be taking the pictures. You HAVE to take a look at his work http://www.jaholtom.com He’s wanting to do more stills work in the film industry so please do pass on his details!

I’ll be recording a video blog from the photoshoot and will update you when I’ve designed the ‘poster’.

Other news: Here’s a date for your diary. My next LIVE! Show will be Friday 5th March at 6.30pm GMT UK. The show is growing in popularity and the support and interest in what I’ve been doing is truly amazing!!! Hope you can tune in.

Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to contribute towards my next short film please do visit my Indie GoGo page where you will find LOTS of fun and exciting perks for Love Like Hers


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