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** WATCH THE FILM FIRST HERE http://www.vimeo.com/48680955 **

With a budget of £11,000 all raised via crowdfunding in 2010, Love Like Hers was Danny Lacey’s first major short film project having only just picked up a camera back in 2009. The early stages of The Filmmaker’s Journey.

The film was shot on S16mm with a crew of over 30, a low loader, 6 locations over 3 days, a Hollywood actor, facilities vehicles, it was on the scale of a feature film project and it almost broke Danny.

Here’s a 75 minute documentary that goes deep in to the whole filmmaking process on Love Like Hers, developing the script, casting, locations, filming, editing and so much more.

The behind the scenes video was filmed by Christy DeHaven (twitter.com/christyDH)


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