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Every two weeks on a Friday I host a Live show all about my filmmaking journey. It’s also a chance to promote what other Indie Filmmakers are doing.

The show was due to go Live last Friday evening (19th March) at 6.30pm, but due to some serious problems with my Livestream Channel I was unable to broadcast. I tried again the following day. All seemed to be going well before, BAM! More technical problems. It’s just not my day!

However, I’ve tried and tried again and have FINALLY been able to complete the show. It is now available, in 2 parts to view via VOD on my Livestream Channel.

I’m very proud of this episode which features two GREAT guest videos. One from Niklas Aman as he takes you into his studio while he works on music for my next short film, Love Like Hers. You will also hear snippets of two EXCLUSIVE tracks from the film. Two INCREDIBLE songs!!! The other video is from a good friend of mine, Dave Armstrong based on the Isle of Man as he talks us through using the Canon 5D which he used on his short film GhostGirl.

Here’s the link you need to watch Episode 6 again. http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm

All guest videos are also available to view on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/dannylaceyfilm

Thanks for your incredible support and there are LOTS of things to come on the live shows in the future, some BIG plans in the making.

The NEXT live show, episode 7, will be Friday 2nd April at 6.30pm GMT UK time. Hope you can join us!

Many thanks


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