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Shot entirely on the iPhone4 with a Ollo Clip lens attachment, a just for fun holiday video from our recent trip to Fuerteventura (October 2012).

The unfortunate thing is I ran out of space on the iPhone after about three days and so had to limit what I was filming from that point onwards.

Edited and graded in After Effects. I added a basic colour grade to stretch the blacks and highlights, then added some grain and 10% pink/brown colour tint to every shot. The shapes were made using masks, duplicating layers, pre-composing and adding further masks.

Music is Jason Mraz “The World As I See It”, a bonus track from the album “Love is a four letter word” available to buy here jasonmraz.com

Filming by Danny Lacey and Jacqui Blay
Edited and graded by Danny Lacey


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