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For those who’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that I’ve been working on a screenplay for a short movie idea in the style of a theatrical trailer. Strictly for educational purposes and a real chance for me to gain valuable filming experience.

The project is called ‘Crash’ and lands in the sci-fi genre. Firstly, It’s not a whole movie – it’s a trailer for a movie. The plan is to make it look like the trailer for a Hollywood blockbuster. I don’t want to give too much of the story away just yet!

So, I’m into draft three for the screenplay and I’m very close to locking it. However, there are just a few alterations to take care of before I can do that.

A few weeks ago I started to hunt for a talented artist to help with storyboarding the screenplay. I got in touch with Andrew Lamb, a storyboard artist from Leeds, my neck of the woods. He very kindly offered to help. He got to work on some ideas and I have to say I’m chuffed to bits with the result.

It’s the first real moment of me seeing my ideas come to life. What a feeling! Andrew has done a brilliant job on capturing my vision for the trailer. I’ve uploaded a few of his sketches for you to see and you can find out more about his work at http://www.adl101.com/.

It’s really important for me, and all movie makers, to build up a team of talented individuals to help with the many different phases of movie making. This is a great start!

I intend to upload the locked script at the start of the new year for you to view.

Watch this space for more!

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