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I reckon I’m very close to a shooting draft of the screenplay for my Movie Trailer project. This will be the first time I’ve been behind the camera on a short film project. Therefore, at the moment there are a million question marks floating around in my filmmakers scrapbook. Where to start!?

I’ll be writing one more draft of the screenplay before locking it. I must keep reminding myself that this is an educational experience only. I’m not aiming to enter any competitions with this or indeed broadcast the end feature (unless it’s really good!!). The aim is to develop my film making skills (or to find out that I don’t actually have any – not good!!).

With the screenplay locked the next phase will be to start the ball rolling on pre-production. I need a small crew, locations, actors, equipment and time! The decision has been made to film on the Isle of Man – I lived there for two years and have lots of friends who I hope will take pity on me and agree to help (only for a few days!).

Part one of this pre-production process will be to put my power of persuasion to the test. Time is valuable to most people, and most I know are extremely busy running their own business, so begging them for their help may be my only option.

The plan is to keep this process simple, yet try to experience as much about pre-production as possible. That’s the whole point you see.

I will of course keep you posted on how things go. I’m aiming to start production of the trailer in early 2009.

Also, I’ll upload the screenplay for you to read (if you’re interested of course) once it’s locked.

Thanks for visiting!

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