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A spoof music video that I directed for a radio station in Yorkshire goes live from Monday morning at 7.45.

The video is based on a funny song written by Alex Duffy based on boybands, it’s one giant mickey take. He wrote the song for his breakfast show on The Pulse of West Yorkshire. It was an incredibly fun video to shoot and I can’t wait to see the response when it goes live.

It was shot at the world famous Batley Frontier last week on HD. The video got it’s first screening at a behind closed doors event for staff and friends at The Pulse last Friday and was a resounding hit!!

The video goes live on YouTube and I will post the link on this blog on Monday.

I’ll be sharing my process for taking ideas from my brainstorming sessions and getting them down onto paper in the form of synopsis, outlines, treatments and finally screenplay.

Also, I’ve got a few other music video projects coming up in May/June and will talk a little more about those.

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