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There’s me thinking I’d finished making my own short films – so why short film number 5?

The Filmmaking Journey began in 2009 with Angel of the Night, the next short film (Love Like Hers) was my first major test, Host and That Day were never part of the original plan, they were no budget, fun projects that just happened.

My producing and directing skills have improved dramatically working with tiny budgets on the above films, but now I want to see what I can do with a larger budget – enter Walk Away.

Short film number 5 will be my biggest project yet, I have every intention on reaching epic proportions with this film. It’s a modern twist on the musical genre, a dark tale of two brothers struggling to cope with bullying.

It’s a musical, but NOT in the traditional sense, it’s not Les Mis, Chicago, West Side Story or any other films of a similar style. It’ll have a style all of its own and will be very character driven. The script is in early stages of development.

I’m wearing my producer hat at the moment as I look at options available to help get this film made. The first thing I need to look at is budget, at the moment I’m looking in to raising between £25k-£30k through crowd funding, sponsorship and private investment. Incredibly, I’ve already been offered a significant amount of money from people who’ve been avid followers of my journey so far.

There are so many different elements that need to come together for this project to happen, this really is going to be a huge mountain that I’ll need to climb.

It’s a musical, we need music! I’m going to be approaching several composers in the coming few days to see what options are available. Ideally, I’d like to work with a few, including a known singer/songwriter. I’ve already started working on some lyrics and a music moodboard for the film.

I’m going to be working my little socks off chasing some BIG names for the main roles in this short film. It’s going to be an incredibly important part of the project. I want a big name or two attached, simple as that.

My loyalty will always be with the team I’ve been working with on my previous films and I sincerely hope they’ll all be available to work on this project (they’ll even get paid!). As this will be the biggest project I’ve produced I’ll be needing to add to that crew list and I’ve already been compiling a crew wishlist. It’s important for me to get people on board that understand the way I work and can see what I’m trying to achieve.

I want to shoot this on 35mm film, there, I said it. I’ll be trying to pull in some pretty major favours to make this happen, but it will be something I’ll chase. I’m not thinking about any other formats at the moment, not until the 35mm option is no longer an option.

There’s just a few things that I’ll need to start working on in the coming weeks and months, and let’s not forget the script!

It’s a festival film through and through, I’m aiming for the big ones with this project (i.e. Sundance, Cannes etc). I’ve spent the last few years talking lots about filmmaking and what I’ve learned throughout the process, I think with this film I really want to show what I think I can do with a significant budget and ambition. Let’s see.

Keep up to date with the film on the new Facebook page facebook.com/walkawayfilm, I’ll be sharing even more behind the scenes information on this project.

Don’t forget, if you like indie film and hours of behind the scenes video, check out the Blu-Ray version of my short film Love Like Hers (shot on s16mm), it has over 4 hours of extra features including a 70 minute making of documentary and 70mins of rushes from the film. Available to purchase here dannylaceyfilm.co.uk/shop_lovelikehers.

I just wanted to add an email I received the other day, with lovely feedback from someone who recently purchased the Love Like Hers Blu-Ray, this makes everything worth while!

Hi Danny,
Thank you so much! The Bluray arrived today and I spent the afternoon watching it (watched 2/3rds of the extras already).

Since you have gone through so much trouble creating these films, the extras and filling the DVDs and BDs to the brim, I feel like I should give you some feedback.

The evolution your shorts have gone through, from “Angel of the night” up to “That Day” is inspiring.
In my opinion, short films often don’t provide the time to tell elaborate stories and therefore rely on the subject matter and storytelling to be interesting.
Your stories prove me wrong, tackling themes like D.I.D., a revenge kidnapping and an encounter of the strange kind (haven’t made up my mind if it was alien or supernatural :D) and doing so in an entertaining and engaging way.

The un-chronological storytelling in “Love like hers” is great and really kept me am my wife hooked to the TV. The twist of course did it’s part too ;D
A university-friend of mine shot a feature on Super 16mm and I can imagine what you must have gone through, to plan and finish the film.

I wanted to see Host since I saw the trailer. After watching it, I felt like I had seen a short preview of a feature. The story is very interesting and I loved the cinematography, but I felt it should have been longer. In my opinion there is so much more to tell and “Host” would make a great feature film. Raffaello Degruttola’s acting was incredible and it’s so cool that he’s in Ron Howards new movie “Rush”.

“That Day”s cinematography was amazing too, proving once more that Philip Bloom can do more than documentaries.
The mood created by the light, the cinematography and the colour grading (and of course the story) made me think of “close encounters of the third kind” and “Super 8”.
Kinda makes you the British Steven Spielberg, doesn’t it? ;D

On a final note I have to congratulate you on your use of music. The proper soundtrack is something most shorts lack and your films gain a more professional level with the use of music and kept me in the story as well as the fabulous cast.

It’s not much of a critique of your work and I’d love to have something to tell you which you could do better, but looking at your evolving storytelling, increase in production value and great instincts when it comes to casting and crewing your shoots, you must be on the right path and I can’t wait what you will do with “Walk away”.

If you’re ever in Germany, call me up, I’d like to buy you a beer 🙂

best regards,



Wow, thanks Alex!!

If you want to get your hands on the Love Like Hers Blu-Ray, follow this link dannylaceyfilm.co.uk/shop_lovelikehers

Many thanks for stopping by, more updates to come.


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