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Love Like Hers, short film number one, is edging closer to completion as thoughts turn to the second short film project – P.I. (Private Investigator).

This is without a doubt going to be the BIGGEST test of my professional career. I’ll be pushing my creative skills to the absolute limit as well as putting everything I have learnt and experienced over the last few years into practice.

It’s no secret that the ambitions for this film include winning an Oscar. Now, I’m not saying we are going to win one, I’m saying we’re going to throw everything at trying to win one. Raising that bar way, way high.

P.I. has been in development during the last twelve months with a significant amount of that happening in the last few months. The first draft of the screenplay has already been written and I believe is in relatively good shape even at this early stage.

I’m please to announce that award winning writer Danny Stack will be Script Editor on this project (same role as Love Like Hers). The feedback from Danny on the first draft was very positive. We’ll now be working together over the coming months to get this screenplay in to award winning condition.

It’s visual, intriguing and evocative, and nicely intercut between the various story strands. You’re definitely on the right track with it and you’ve come on leaps and bounds with your style and approach since last year… (Danny Stack / Script Editor)

It feels great to be back writing again. I feel like a much stronger and wiser writer having learnt so much on Love Like Hers with mentoring from Danny Stack. That was the whole point!

There’s still lots of development ahead on P.I. and I’m trying really hard to improve my character dialogue, one of my main weaknesses as a writer.

I estimate another few months of script development before we start to seriously think about pre-production. I’m currently looking into the funding options on this film. It is very unlikely I’ll be crowd funding this film – everyman and his dog are crowd funding right now and I think the model has really started to lose its appeal. Time to look at other options.

Keep your eye on the blog for plenty more updates on the progress of P.I.

I’m also keen on adding to the crew list to work on P.I. and I’ll be looking for more experienced and talented individuals to sign up to this exciting project. If you’d like to find out more, please do email me

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the new teaser trailer for Love Like Hers here


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  1. Natalya

    The main Oscar that you need to win is inside of you. If there is no satisfaction from your creations, no one will help in that.
    I wish you win your own Oscar over and over again…and a real Oscar's statues will be a little confirmation of that!

    P.S. Looking forward to see your Short Film Number Two! I Keep my "eye on the blog for plenty more updates on the progress of P.I."


    Best regards,


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