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The dust has barely settled on my debut short film, Angel of the Night, and already I’m making a start on what will be my second short film.

This is all part of the two year plan, see below, to make ripples within the movie industry in the UK and to establish myself as a ‘one-to-watch’ film maker.

My second project will be an emotionally charged tragic love story. I’m very clear with what I want to get from this next project, I’m not after writing the most original script in the world. My plan is to make a film based on the classic girl meets boy, they jump a load of hurdles to be together type story. Having said that, I really want to stretch my story telling skills and creative vision for this type of story. Using all the tricks of the trade to deliver a solid story well shot.

I’ve pretty much got the premise of the story and plot sorted. I find it easier to start by jotting down ideas for scenes that I think will move the story forward, with plenty of random ideas that may come in handy later. I know who the characters in my story will be and I have a really compelling opening sequence that will, I hope, lay a great foundation for the film.

I hope to have the first draft of the screenplay finished within the next two weeks. Shooting in early 2010 over what I predict will be a four-day shoot with a compact crew. My last project was shot on the Z1 in HDV at 1080i, I’d really like, budget permitting, to shoot on a format that is far superior to that for this next project (at 24p!).

You can finally get to see Angel of the Night in all its glory on my YouTube page from MIDDAY today. The link is http://www.youtube.com/user/dannylaceyfilm

I have to say, I’m quite nervous about showing this as it was only originally meant to be a learning exercise. A chance for me to get behind the camera, make the mistakes and learn. However, if you’ve been following the blog you’ll know that I want to give an open and honest account of my journey as a film maker, so here it is! Hope you like.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your interest!


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