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You’re a filmmaker, get used to doing the bulk of the work.

In this Video Blog I wanted to share the editing workflow on my latest short film ‘Host‘. I’m editing this short film myself, out of necessity and lack of any budget.

The latest edit of ‘Host’ is very close to being locked, there’s a batch VFX shots to add and temp sound before the first test screening with a small audience. The edit will then be sent over to a composer to start work on the soundtrack.

The video covers general housekeeping when setting up a film project in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, getting the project ready for the visual effects (After Effects) and editing the sound mix in an external audio editor (Adobe Audition).

Hope you find it of interest. Please note, I’m not teaching or saying this is how you should do it – I’m just sharing how I’m doing it.

Don’t forget to check out the ‘Host’ Facebook page here and take a look at my 4th short film project (working with Philip Bloom) ‘That Day‘ here.

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Lots of behind the scenes video on my YouTube Channel and Vimeo.

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