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I’ve just finished re-writing the scenes for what will be the 2nd draft of the screenplay. This is the bit where I decide what needs to happen in each scene, the important dialogue notes, order of events, when to enter the scene, relevant exit points etc. I’m now another step closer to writing the 2nd draft of the P.I. screenplay.

The story now features a solid b-story, stunts and action sequences an improved end pay-off and story twist.

Here’s the plan – to write the 2nd draft and then enlist the help of a seasoned writer to polish things up. Remember, I don’t claim to be a great writer (that’s not my bag baby), I’m more of an ideas person. I want to be the one behind the camera shouting ‘action’ on my movie ideas. I’ll be working with talented writers over the course of my career and asking them to bring my ideas to life.

Talking of talented writers. I was sad to hear about the death of a true film making legend this week, Blake Snyder. His ‘Save the Cat’ book on writing the perfect screenplay has been a massive help and guide during the early stages of my film making journey. This book has been very important in my development and is a MUST read for any like minded film makers. Blake will be missed and I’m sure his legend will live on.

On another note:

I’m just itching to get behind the camera (the cream doesn’t seem to be working) and film something. So, I’ve thought of a very short and simple movie idea that I would love to film over the coming weeks. The script will be very short (maximum of three minutes) and will feature two key locations and three actors and WILL be shot in one day.

Help needed! If you are a talented, enthusiastic and willing film maker or actor and would like to get involved in this very short project PLEASE do get in touch. I need the following:

1x DoP with HiDef camera + basic gear
2x Actors (one in their 20s/30s and the other slightly older – both talking parts)
1x Actor (non talking part with the ability to run through heavily wooded region).
+ any other willing film crew members.

The idea for the short film is a thriller steeped in mystery with a little twist at the end. Should be loads of fun. Will be shot in West Yorkshire.

Does that grab you? Fancy working with an aspiring film maker with huge potential and a genuine hunger to become a big player in Hollywood?

Email me with your details dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk.

Thanks for visiting and keep coming back for updates on the above and other film/TV projects.

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