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My business, Stada Media, is in the middle of producing several corporate videos, websites and graphic design projects – leaving me little time to squeeze anything else in, or at least that’s what I originally thought.

I’m at the world famous Batley Frontier club on Wednesday to shoot a spoof music video for local radio station ‘The Pulse of West Yorkshire’. The breakfast show team have produced a funny music track about boybands (and it is quite funny!). The hope is that it’ll be an instant hit on YouTube. Watch this space for more!! I’ll include the YouTube link once it’s online.

I’m also excited to be directing a music video track for an exciting rock band based on the Isle of Man. ‘After Kerova’ are a four piece rock band with bags of talent and potential to make quite a name for themselves. We’re in the process of fine tuning an idea of mine for the music video – hope to be flying out there to shoot the video within the next seven days.

A behind the scenes video will be shot and uploaded onto the blog for the music video shoot.

I’m working on several film project ideas at the moment. Some have made it to the screenplay stage, others are in development. I wanted to talk about the process I go through in developing my ideas. The brainstorming, writing a synopsis, building characters, and methods I’ve been using to get that idea out of my head and onto the page. Everyone has a different way of developing ideas and writing and I like to hear about other peoples processes and thought it’d make an interesting read if I shared mine.

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