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I’m hoping to raise $8,000 for my next short film, Love Like Hers. The plan is to raise the majority of these funds through an Indie Film community website called Indie GoGo. The fund raising project is a few weeks old and already we’ve raised $330 (with one person contributing $200 – amazing!).

Now, the idea of the Indie GoGo project is to offer fun, creative and appealing ‘perks’ to encourage contributions. Giving a little something back as a way of saying thank you for your contribution and support.

I’ve just updated the list of ‘perks’ to include, in my opinion, some really exciting and novel ideas.

So, what do you get for contributing to my next short film? Here’s the list:

$15 or more – “THE EMAIL”

I’ll send you a personal email as a thank you. I’ll also tell you something interesting about one of my projects – something that I will not have mentioned on my blog or other websites. Might be something to do with film, or a personal fact or stat. I promise to try and keep them as interesting as possible.

$40 or more – “DVD WITH EXTRAS”
‘Love Like Hers’ on DVD (with behind the scenes extras). You’ll receive this a few weeks before general release (signed if requested).

$50 or more – “YOUR FACE IN THE CREDITS”
That’s right, send us a high res JPG picture of you and we will put your face in a gallery of pictures that will roll with the credits at the end of the film.

Credited as an Associate Producer on the short film. Your name will feature in the end credits. You’ll also be given a special mention on my film blog.

We’re just throwing this one out there as an option. Only one place available so be quick to avoid disappointment. Your name will appear at some stage in the script, and indeed in the finished film – how exciting is that!!!

Your invite to the premiere screening of ‘Love Like Hers’ at a classic picture house in West Yorkshire, UK. (You are responsible for your own travel and accommodation). This includes being treated as a VIP guest of mine. You’ll also be credited on the film as a Special Associate Producer and mentioned on my film blog.

$1,000 or more – “PRODUCT PLACEMENT”
Your product will get at least 3 seconds of screen time in a prominent place in the frame!! There are only TWO places available for product placement, so be quick!

$8,000 or more – “THE GAMBLE”
This buys you a 5% share in my earnings from my first success at the box office. Yes, this is a huge gamble as my first film might flop at the cinema. However, what if my first film follows in the footsteps of The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity or Mad Max?? I will be responsible for arranging legal contracts and agreement documentation etc. The only stipulation is this first success at the box office has to happen within the next 7 years.

I’m sure you’ll agree, there are some pretty interesting perks on offer. If you want to get involved and contribute to any of the above, then please do visit my project page at Indie GoGo. CLICK HERE to take you to that page. Contributing is safe, Indie GoGo use very safe payment methods for peace of mind.

And even if you haven’t got the cash to contribute, a BIG thank you from me for your continued support. I’ve been getting an incredible amount of good luck messages and offers of help from many areas of the film profession. It is certainly helping me on my way.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I now host my own live show on Livestream. It’s a show that takes a look at my journey as a new film maker. An honest, humble and open account of everything I’m doing to make it in this industry and fulfil my ambitions and turn my dreams into reality. The next live show is Friday 5th February at 6.30pm (GMT UK) at http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm Hope you can join us on the next show.

Thank for visiting.

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