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The budget required to shoot my next film, Love Like Hers has shot up slightly. Well, actually, quite a lot. I’m now trying to raise $15,000 (£13,000) to make this film. Most of this budget will be spent on crew, actors and facilities. I’m trying to broker deals with various suppliers to help keep the cost of equipment to an absolute minimum. It’s important for me that the crew and cast get paid for their time. This film is going to need a crew of between 20 – 25.

I’m introducing a new idea to raise the cash needed. This idea is called the ‘Film Buddy’. Become a Film Buddy of Love Like Hers and receive some interesting little perks, and more importantly, help get this incredible film made.

As a Film Buddy of Love Like Hers you would receive:

  • Regular, EXCLUSIVE project updates via email (including some other film and TV projects I’m working on).
  • A mention on my blog AND the new Love Like Hers website.
  • You’ll also be featured on my Livestream show. 
  • 20% OFF ALL perks via my Indie GoGo page (some great, creative and fun perks on there to help raise funds for Love Like Hers).
  • You’ll be entered into a MAJOR prize draw (for Film Buddies only) to WIN these prizes if we reach our target of 420 Film Buddies: My Canon XL1 camera, Love Like Hers pre-order DVD with extras, Love Like Hers poster, production documents, the shooting draft of the screenplay, a 30 minute chat over Skype about my experiences making this film, an invite as a VIP guest for the première screening of Love Like Hers.. AND $150/£100 !!!!! 
If we can get 420 Film Buddies to sign up, we’ll raise $12,600 (£8,400) towards making Love Like Hers. Add that to funds raised by Indie GoGo and other fund raising ideas I’m working on and we’ll get extremely close to the fund raising target.

INSTRUCTIONS on becoming a Film Buddy of Love Like Hers, and seriously helping to get this film made. Please CLICK HERE to take you to the Paypal website. Then, on the home page simply click ‘Send Money’ and follow the instructions. The email address you will need to use to send money for Love Like Hers is dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk

It’s $30 or £20 to become a Film Buddy of Love Like Hers.

And with your help, this incredible film will get made and I’ll be able to pay most of the cast and crew involved in the shoot.

If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact me dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk

Thanks for stopping by and PLEASE do sign up to the mailing group for all the very latest. You’ll see the box on the right.

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