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PR and marketing is going to play a very big part in the making of my next film, Love Like Hers. It will also play a huge part in my development as a film maker. Being an indie film maker is like running your own business, and any good business needs great PR and marketing.

This is why I’m over the moon to announce the addition of a film PR specialist to the Love Like Hers team. Rachel Devenport will help us raise the profile of our short film, the live show, the blog and other aspects of this incredible film makers journey.

A freelance film PR specialist, Rachel has worked on blockbuster movies to indie film festivals. Rachel has worked for clients that include the BAFTAS, Peter Jackson, Joe Wright and many others.

Rachel went freelance two years ago and she’s contributed to indie projects like Raindance, Secret Cinema, Future Shorts and documentary titles whilst continuing on high profile campaigns such as Universal’s Green Zone and Disney’s Princess and the Frog.

Rachel is currently working on a strategy for introducing my film making journey to a whole new audience. I’ll keep you posted on her progress.

Please do check out the guest video she recorded for the last Live show. You’ll now notice on the right side of the blog, links to previous episodes of my live show. You’ll see Rachel’s guest video in Episode 9.

Also, you can follow Rachel on Twitter here.

NEWS: Episode 10 of The Filmmaker’s Journey will be Friday 14th May on my Livestream channel. Live at 6.30pm UK. Here’s the link http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm. The last episode of the show has received record viewing figures, smashing previous viewer numbers. 

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