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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know! Very true!

The camera will roll on Monday for my music video project for the Coldplay competition. I see this as a great idea to kill several birds with one stone. It’ll be a great experience, educational and could be a great piece of PR for my early movie making career.

I visited Colin Green’s photography studio (http://www.colingreenphotography.co.uk/) earlier to go through final preparations. The idea was to finalise camera position, exposure, white balance and other important settings.

Casting is proving to be a nightmare. Plenty of people volunteered early doors but some have now pulled out because of other commitments which is fair enough. It doesn’t help that I’m filming on a Monday morning. I’m up to 15 volunteers but could do with another 5 or so as I’m expecting there to be a few no-shows come Monday – which would jeopardise the shoot.

I’m currently working on a back plan. This is in case of low numbers arriving and will give me an alternative shooting plan. Hopefully it won’t come to this – but you never know and you should always be prepared.

A behind-the-scenes video documentary will be filmed to give you a sense of how things progressed on the day. I’ll upload as soon as it’s edited.

The Coldplay music video will be available for all to see on You Tube and IF it wins it’ll be streamed over the Coldplay website and will be seen by many many thousands!!

Watch this space…

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