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PR is such an important part of life for any serious Indie Film Maker. I’m a huge believer in doing everything that is possible to build a loyal and interested following for you work.

For me, this is taking shape through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, along with video portals like YouTube, FilmNet.com and others. There seems to be a real momentum building for what I’m doing at the moment, and a definite interest (thanks for your support) for where I’m heading.

Anyway, not wanting to waffle on for too long. I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be PR’ing myself as a guest on the increasingly popular Internet broadcast at Film Snobbery Live Friday night (10.30pm EST). I’ll be talking to host Nic Baisley about trying to make it as an indie film maker and my journey in particular as I jump the hurdles and dive into the deep end of the film industry.

Please do tune in if you get the chance, it’ll be an early morning if you’re based in the UK as the broadcast is live at 10.30pm EST. We’re about 5 or 6 hours ahead (note to myself: I’ll need to check correct GMT before the live show).

Here’s the all important link, and don’t worry if you miss it, the show is recorded and will be available to watch again shortly after.


Hope you can tune in and interact with the show via Twitter, the Film Snobbery website or UStream. Maybe you have some questions?? Get in touch.

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