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Had a great day yesterday. Spent most of it penning the first draft of the screenplay for my short movie idea – P.I.

I managed to get 80% of it done. Then I seemed to hit a large brick wall. I was looking up and thinking how the hell am I going to jump this – so I decided to break from writing for the day at that point. Looking back at the screenplay today and I can see (with fresh eyes) that the wall isn’t that much of an obstacle (please do pardon the analogy with a brick wall).

However, there are, for me, a few beats missing from the story set-up. Evident whilst writing the screenplay. I need a clearer B story and much clearer breaks/plot points into the next act. Even though this is a short story (approx. 20 minutes) I intend to stick to the three act structure and the various beats needed for a solid story. Beats that include – the hero’s call to adventure, introducing all the characters early on, the midpoint, the bad guys are closing in, the B story etc., etc.

So, today I’m going back, momentarily, to ‘The Board.’ Where I will add more beats, shuffle things around a little and add more contrasting scenarios to each scene. Generally the screenplay needs more ‘ups’ and ‘downs.’

On another note; a graphic designer has offered her services and is working on a poster design for the short movie. Her name is Amanda Marwood and we are currently working on an idea she emailed me last week. I’ll post it here of course once we have a version that best fits the feel of the film.

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