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Today is a big day for me, my short film project has attracted the attention of World class cinematographer, Philip Bloom.

I’m a huge admirer of Philip’s work and have been following him on Twitter for some time. He followed me back, which was a pleasant surprise. Although I bet he’s sick to death of all the Tweeting I used to do.

Philip Bloom is famous for his DSLR work, as one of the very early advocates for the technology. His blog has had close to 25 million views, with hundreds on there at any one time. He travels all over the World with his workshops, he’s in the premiere league class of DSLR timelapse videos – nowhere is safe from a Philip Bloom timelapse. 32,000 are following his journey on Twitter and it wasn’t so long ago that George Lucas’s team were inviting him out to Skywalker Ranch to demonstrate the powers of the Canon 5D MKII.

He also shot 2nd Unit on the new George Lucas film Red Tails. Need I say anymore? Check out his info-packed blog for more.

I can’t quite 100% remember how this all came about. All I remember is Philip asking me for a copy of the screenplay for Host, he really liked it and so the communicating began. First of all, logistics of working with someone of PB’s calibre is a nightmare. He’s so bloomin’ busy, not surprisingly. However, after throwing many possible filming dates about we finally landed on Saturday 15th October 2011. Fortunately for me, this ties in nicely with the availability of my actors and crew.

I’m really excited about this one location, one day filming short film. I’m pleased with the way the script has shaped up, it’s a thriller/drama.

Keep your eye on the new Facebook page for ‘Host’ with daily updates.

Included in this blog post are some of my favourite Philip Bloom videos, stunning – do take a look. All videos Copyright Philip Bloom.

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