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I did it – I’ve made that huge leap from making notes about it, talking about it, developing it, mulling over it – to finally starting to write it. ‘It’ being my short movie P.I.

I’ve written the first two scenes of the first draft. Very happy with the way the hugely important opening scene is working out. It’s quite gripping.

So, that’s it then, I can sit back and relax now? Hardly! There was a real sense of achievement whilst adding words to the first two scenes. My idea is starting to take shape, it’s alive I tell you, alive!

Of course, I expect the first draft of the screenplay to be a complete mess. The next few drafts are where things will need to be sharp, tight and extremely professional. I’m keen on having someone from a professional writing background look over the third draft. It’ll be at this stage that I realise I should have taken those past job opportunities.

With a push and some spare time I hope to have the first draft finished within the next two weeks.

Thanks again for stopping by. I’ve noticed a massive increase in the number of visitors to the site lately – a lot to do with my Twitter site possibly www.twitter.com/dannylaceyfilm. This is going to be a very exciting movie making journey for me and I’m chuffed that you are interested enough to read my story – for that I am very grateful.

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