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A week this Monday and I’ll be at Colin Green’s photography studio shooting the Coldplay music video. I can’t wait to get behind the camera and direct!!

Casting the shoot has gone really well, I’ve asked everyone I know to help with the filming and a lot have replied and agreed to be in the video. In fact, they’re all really excited about it which is great. I’m just short by a few, hopefully I’ll be able to find enough people during the week.

All that’s left for me to do is compile the storyboard and shot list. This is essential for me to make sure I get all the required shots to make the video work. I’m still not 100% set on the shots I need, with some finer tweaking to the actual storyline required before setting the shot list.

It’s all very exciting. The target is to win this Coldplay music video competition and get mass exposure for the video – and for me as a film maker. And even if our video doesn’t win, it’ll still end up being viewed by many thousands on YouTube. It’s kind of a win-win situation.

I’ll be filming a behind the scenes documentary video for this blogsite. It’ll be uploaded shortly after the shoot.

Wish me luck!

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