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Olly Knights is one of the nice guys of the music industry and an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and musician, known for being in the band Turn Brakes. A band that have sold over 1 million records Internationally, they have been incredibly successful since starting out in 1999 and are loved globally.

I’m so very pleased to announce Olly’s involvement with Walk Away. I’ll be working with Olly over the coming months to talk about the vision, mood and tone of the film, Olly will then start work on writing the songs for this modern musical. It’s fantastic news for the film as Olly’s songwriting style really does suit the direction of film.

The songs that Olly writes will eventually end up in the hands of composer Julian Kershaw (see blog post here), where orchestral and other instrumentation will be added as the songs are mixed ready for inclusion in the film.

Here’s one of Olly’s recent singles with the music video made by Philip Bloom, ‘If Not Now When’. Followed by the biggest hit for the Turin Brakes, ‘Pain Killer’.

Check out this interview with Olly on XFM from October 2012 to hear him perform acoustically. A very insightful interview.

His new album ‘If Not Now When’ is available to buy (including download version) from turinbrakes.com. It’s fantastic! Do also check out his website ollyknights.etchshop.co.uk and follow him on twitter.com/ollyknights.

It’s getting very exciting for Walk Away, momentum is building at an incredible rate with more announcements coming very soon. Follow the journey and keep your eye on facebook.com/walkawayfilm and now over at twitter.com/walkawaymusical.

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