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I’m slowly making my way through the incredibly long list of things that I need to sort for next Monday. So far, touch wood, things seem to be heading in the right direction – however, I’m waiting for the problems to start (as they tend to do on small film productions).

It looks like the camera equipment is sorted. We’ll be shooting using Sony’s Z1 on HDV tapes. A hire company has very kindly offered to let me use their equipment, they’ll even let me pick it up early Friday! Don’t want to mention the name of the hire company just yet as we’re just ironing out some finer details. Hopefully, this will be finalised by tomorrow.

I’m also very close to confirming a DoP to be the eyes of the film. He’s a very experienced and talented DoP and is keen on getting involved. And I’ll be delighted to have him on board – more news to come, hopefully within the next few hours.

I’ll be directing AND recording sound. Fortunately I invested in some basic sound kit a while back and this is now going to come in very handy. I have the boom pole, a shotgun mic, balanced leads etc. I’m confident we’ll get some very good results from this mic.

It’s likely that on the day I’ll have the following crew available: DoP, Stills photographer, a runner/behind the scenes cameraman/electrician (all in one), make up person and me. Then there’s the three actors.

Still left to organise is the basic lighting kit, an extra selection of gels (to add to the ones I’ve already got), props, and fake blood!

I’m really looking forward to the screen tests on Wednesday evening. Relatively confident that I will find three actors that will more than deliver on the day.

Watch this space – many more updates to come.

Thanks for visiting.

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