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The festive break is proving to be productive for developing my next short film project (and my expanding waist line).

I think (and this is of course subject to me changing my mind a thousand times) I have the title AND logline for my next short film, a tragic love story.

TITLE: ‘Love Like Hers’
LOG: ‘Nothing will come between her and the one she loves, not even the ones she loves’

It’s another giant step forward for this latest short film project. The screenplay is still in the early stages of development, just ironing out a few ideas before making a start on the first draft.

I’m also in the process of setting up my IndieGoGo project, in an attempt to raise £5,000 for Love Like Hers. Hope to have that online very soon http://www.indiegogo.com/dannylaceyfilm

Watch this space for more, plenty more to come as my film making career gathers pace!

Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting.


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