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Running a video production business ties in nicely with where I’m heading as a filmmaker. I love being behind the camera, directing. It’s where I feel most creative. My business, Stada Media, has been established now for over five years and is growing at a very nice rate. I get to kill two birds with one stone. First, I get to pay the bills doing what I love doing, and secondly, it’s great experience – writing, filming, cinematography, editing etc.

My business and film career are running alongside each other with the two often crossing paths. The long term plan is to direct some of the bigger budget corporate jobs, tv commercials and music videos. At the moment the average Stada Media video job is in the £2k – £5k budget. I want to be working on the £50k+ jobs. I’m not being greedy, I just want to be at ‘that level’ where your work gets noticed by those who can open doors.

It’s all part of the bigger picture.

I was recently commissioned to produce, direct and edit a music video for a Gospel singer who found me on Google. He’d seen some of my previous work and wanted me to make his music video. Gideon Onofeghara will be using the video on YouTube, DVD and will be taking it to Africa with him when he visits at the end of this month, the music video will be aired on TV over there – which is great.

This was a low budget music video. I had a small crew of just me and two others (Saxon Rix and Ash Yates). The kit was small and basic, we had the Canon 5D MKII, a 24-70mm lens, tripod, track and focus dolly and two 800w redhead lights.

The whole video was shot in one location, a stunning church just round the corner from where I live. Filming took 5 hours and the video was edited in approx. 6 hours. I added a 2.35:1 aspect crop and graded with a little Red Giant Mojo software, just subtle amounts as the Canon captured some stunning colours from our location.

The shallow depth of field meant we got a stunning picture, cinematic almost. But this came at a cost, very tricky focus pulling – especially with some of the hand held shots. The iris was open full to give us that shallow DoF so keeping focus was incredibly difficult.

I just wanted to share part of my business with you as I hope it might inspire other indie filmmaker’s to think about video production, and other forms of media, as a way of progressing in the film/tv business. They’re all connected along the line somewhere.

You can check out more of my video work on my personal YouTube page here and the YouTube page for my business Stada Media here.

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Being a filmmaker is ABSOLUTELY like being an entrepreneur. You have to innovate, motivate, inspire and build a product – your movies.

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