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I’m now onto the second draft of the movie trailer idea of mine called ‘Crash – coming soon’.

For those who haven’t been following the blog, I thought it’d be a great learning experience to produce a movie trailer-esque short feature. I want the trailer to look like it’s promoting a big blockbuster movie, even though the movie doesn’t exist.

I wanted a project that would be relatively easy to manage and at the same time give me some much needed hands on experience of making a short film.

After completing the first draft of the trailer screenplay (5 pages approx) I decided to give it to somebody close to me to read and then asked them to give me their honest opinion. This is one of the things I’ve picked up during the early stages of my career, always get people to read your work and get constructive feedback!! It really does help!!

The feedback I got from the first reading was really very helpful. The information I gathered has meant I’ve been able to strengthen the screenplay for the second draft. Once this has been completed I’ll be asking several other people to have a read and to give me their honest (constructive) thoughts.

Once I’m happy with the screenplay I’ll be starting to look for talented individuals – also in the early stages of their career, to help with certain aspects of this project. The first thing I would like to do is to have a storyboard produced for the screenplay. I’ll be getting in touch with storyboard artists over the coming months to find someone willing and able!

Pre-production will continue with a location scouting day (Isle of Man), getting a small crew together, casting the actors and sourcing the camera’s and film equipment etc.
First the screenplay!

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