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I’ve just finished the first treatment for my fabricated blockbuster movie trailer. I’m itching to get behind the camera and start filming some of my ideas. This two-minute trailer idea will be an ideal starting point and learning experience for me.

So then, the idea is to make a two-minute theatrical style trailer for a movie that looks like it’ll be a big summer blockbuster hit! Thing is, the movie doesn’t exist!

What’s the point then I hear you scream!?

It’s all part of my bigger plan as a new filmmaker. This is one of those early learning projects. It’s a manageable project with it being such a short feature, meaning next to no budget required. At the same time, generating a little publicity through the wonderful world of the Internet.

The plan is to shoot the trailer in woods on the Isle of Man. I want to get all the shots I need within a three-day shoot. The format will be HiDef.

Premise of the story…

Adam and Jodie pack the car ready for a camping break away together. The car breaks down under suspicious circumstances on their way and they are forced to pitch their tent for the night. In the middle of nowhere!

During the early hours a deafening noise and blinding light nearby awake the couple. Startled, they leave their tent to investigate. What they experience will change their lives forever.

TITLE: ‘Crash’ – they’re here, and not by choice!

I’ll be starting the first draft of the screenplay over the weekend and hope to finish it soon after. Pre-production will start as soon as I’m happy with the screenplay. I’m hoping this will be early 2009.

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