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The cameras were supposed to roll on my next film, Love Like Hers, in a little under two weeks from today. However, I had to make the very difficult decision to push the shooting date back another month. We’re just not ready yet, and I want to do as much as physically possible during pre-production.

Scouting for the locations has delayed us somewhat. It’s all part of the learning and sharing process. Give yourself plenty of time to scout/recce for locations. There are six locations on this film, we’ve confirmed one of those locations so far, a garden in Allwoodley in Leeds. Five more to go and there is no way we would have found them in the next week or so AND get everything else that needs sorting done in time.

The main areas that we need to work on are adding the last few crew members to the team (i.e. Location Manager, Script Supervisor/Continuity, Grip etc). The locations, and of course raising the last remaining amount of funds needed to make the film.

The film will now be shot in September, a date yet to be confirmed. We’re still shooting this on Super16mm film and we will be working with some incredible actors!!

Quick refresher for any new readers of the blog. I’m Danny, I’m 34 and I’m on an incredible mission to establish myself as a respected filmmaker over the next 5 years. This will see me writing and directing several short films and developing a handful of feature length films.

The ultimate goal for the next three years is to win, or at least be nominated, for an Oscar in the short action film category. A very ambitious goal, but one that I genuinely believe I, and everyone I work with, can achieve.

My next film is a short psychological thriller called Love Like Hers. We need £10k to make this film, so far we’ve raised £8.5k through generous crowd funding methods. This is where people from around the world (other filmmakers and film fans) contribute a small amount of their own money to go towards making this film. There are lots of incentives available in return for your contribution on the dedicated Love Like Hers fund raising page, click here.

Everyone who contributes will receive a FULL breakdown of exactly where every penny on this film was spent.

Also, please do check out the various websites that I use to chart my progress:
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/dannylaceyfilm
YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/dannylaceyfilm
Love Like Hers website – http://www.lovelikehers.com

Finally… I’m the first indie filmmaker in the world to host a regular weekly live Internet TV show that’s an open and honest account of my journey. It’s also a great opportunity to network and chat with other filmmakers and creative minds from around the world. The show averages a viewership of over 50 each week.

The next live show will be Tuesday 3rd August 2010 at 9pm UK time via my Livestream Channel (http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm). You can also look back at other episodes on demand on the channel. And please note, the show is completely FREE to watch!

Keep your eye on the blog, lots more updates to come.

Thanks for your support.

e: dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk
t: 0113 815 2005

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