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I’ve been working on this document for some weeks now (Investment Proposal 2010 / Draft 1). The plan is to look for a sponsor for the next two years of my film career, and to also raise funds for my next short film project.

I’m hoping to achieve both of these via friends, family, other film makers, businesses, Twitter, Facebook and IndieGoGo.

If you would like to read it, then click HERE or right-click and ‘save as’ to download the PDF Investment Proposal document (3.5mb approx.)

The IndieGoGo contributions project will be going live very soon, I just need to put together a more detailed plan for my next short film project – and a video pledge for the site. Please do feel free to visit my IndieGoGo page and spread the word – www.indiegogo.com/dannylaceyfilm

Thanks for visiting, keep coming back or subscribe as there’s plenty more exciting film making business to come in 2010  



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  1. Phillip Gibb

    Very cool. I, too am on a filmmaking journey. Wish I could help you out. But for now I can just be someone out there marketing your journey through twitter and sharing links 🙂
    who knows what connections that can bring.
    For me I need to work on putting together a proposal like yours to first garner support and involvement then funds. Seems as if everyone likes the idea but it just seems like to much effort to be involved, hmmmm.


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