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I’m another step closer to making a start on the screenplay for the pilot episode of a TV idea of mine.

Falling into the supernatural/sci-fi genre the idea is full of mystery, suspense, emotion and intrigue. The idea has no title as yet, that’s something I’m working on. I do have several options for a catchy logline however!!

I’m aiming high with this idea – big production, something that could compete with the large budget American TV shows.

Keep your eye on the blog, when I’m closer to writing the screenplay for the pilot episode I’ll disclose a little more about the story.

The plan is to work on the plot lines and character arcs this afternoon. Another few weeks and I hope to make a start on the screenplay.

Here’s a list of projects I’m working on at the moment:

‘Them’ – movie trailer for what will be my first major feature length screenplay.
‘P.I’ – short movie to be shot in 2010.
‘Untitled Supernatural TV series’ – early stages of development.

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