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There’s a little over 4 months to go before the camera rolls on what is going to be my biggest challenge to date as an Indie Filmmaker. Love Like Hers is going to be a dramatic, beautiful, emotionally charged, tragic love story with elements of adventure and intrigue.

Yet, no actors have been cast, the screenplay is still in development with the second draft underway and I’m still building a crew that can pull off the look that I have in my head for this film. No small task.

Despite all of this, I needed to inject a little life into my film, something that would inspire more interest in the project and encourage more people to get involved. This is the reason I wanted to introduce a teaser poster. An image that would broadcast a feel and mood of the film, and especially for the main character.

How on Earth was I going to get a teaser poster together with no actors? I needed to find a ‘face’ that fit the look I was after for my film. That face ended up being model Serena McCutcheon. Then, I needed a photographer who could capture a stunning image that I could use for the poster, in steps Julian Holtom. And then, I needed a professional film poster designer who could put everything together for our poster. That’s where Dan Anscombe came in.

Dan got in touch and offered his services, for FREE on this project. Dan had heard about my project on the Internet and wanted get involved. This is incredibly kind and just goes to show how this project and my journey is inspiring others to want to get involved. I’m building a team of talented individuals to help me on my journey, and at the end of the day, if I become a successful filmmaker, EVERYONE will do very well for themselves.

So, I sent Dan a brief for the poster along with various pictures of our model, Serena. He then got to work on the design of the Love Like Hers teaser poster. He is designing several versions of the poster, one for print (one sheet), a version to use online and in future publications (i.e. magazine, newspapers etc).

I hope you’ll agree that everything has come together really well and Dan, Serena and Julian have contributed to what is a stunning image for my film.

Please do visit Dan’s website to see his other design work. Dan is a graphic designer, production artist, concept artist and film poster designer and is a very nice chap! Here’s the link to his website http://www.danielanscombe.co.uk

Thanks again to Dan for his contribution and I look forward to working with Dan on future film projects.

OK, scroll down to see TWO versions of the Love Like Hers teaser poster. 

NEWS: My next Live Show is scheduled for Friday 19th March at 6.30pm GMT UK time via my Livestream channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm The first show of its kind for an Indie Filmmaker and it’s getting BIGGER with every show. If you miss an episode you can now watch again with VOD, again on my Livestream channel. 

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by!


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