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Hi, Danny’s girlfriend here. Just thought I’d update you on what Danny is up to on the lead up to Tuesday’s shoot for Love Like Hers.

We’re currently both staying in the Isle of Man for the Film Festival that started last night and whilst he’s here, he’s doing what I thought was difficult for most men… Multi-Tasking! With just 4 days to go, Danny is currently tapping away on his keyboard, making phone calls and mainly pulling out his hair (hence me writing this blog entry!).

You can almost see the steam pouring out of his ears as he tackles some last minute preparations for the film, some of which have landed at his feet unexpectedly. He’s still on the prowl for a Low Loader, Hotel rooms, Props and a Car to use in the film amongst other things. As you can imagine these are quite big things that still need to be ticked off the to-do list. Just by observing, I’ve learnt that some things are just a waiting game, putting calls and emails in and waiting for a response can take a whole day and that’s time that Danny doesn’t seem to have.

However, things are slowly getting sorted and arranged. The order for the S16mm stock has now been processed and the delivery is booked to arrive on Monday. I can see just how excited he is about working on S16, but until the other things pop into place, he can’t get too giddy as his mind is on other things.

Having said that the insurance for the shoot has also been confirmed today and the full kit list for the shoot is being finalised at this very moment. Also, just confirmed, we now have the props for the garden scene courtesy of New Coley Nurseries at Denholme (West Yorkshire). Additional plants and shrubs will be picked up on Monday ready to take to the garden scene in Alwoodley that should add the extra colour that Danny needs to bring that scene alive.

We’re still on the hunt for some butterflies though!! Danny needs to source real life butterflies for several scenes in Love Like Hers… where would one find these? Will Danny need to go out with his net himself or go capturing caterpillars!!?

That is the next hurdle for this afternoon along with finding the right car to use in the film and confirming the use of the all important Low Loader.
Keep popping back to see how Danny is getting on – and to see if he has any hair left!

Danny’s Girlfriend – Jacqui

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  1. MarkM

    Hi Jacqui and Danny.
    Best of luck with the shoot. I'm shooting my first short in two weeks time. Much smaller scale than your production but God do I recognise the work and fear that builds up.

    All the best



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