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We’re getting closer, another giant step towards the light at the end of that tunnel.

It’s nearly one year since principal photography on Love Like Hers, we’ve been stuck in the edit for some time, delayed by unforeseen circumstances. However, after finally locking the picture a few weeks ago, things have really started to move.

See the Love Like Hers page on this blog for a teaser trailer.

I’m playing the role of producer on this project and have had to hit the emails and phones and pull in some pretty incredible favours to get things done. To be honest, I’ve grown to like the producing role. I seem to be doing ok at making things happen. Maybe I will have an active role in producing my future projects.

Anyway, I’ve added another video blog (going to do more of these) on the latest developments. I talk about who’s doing what in post for the film and look at their websites etc.

Here’s a list and links of those involved:

Foley – Universal Sound
Composer – Niklas Aman
Dubbing Mixer – Mike Aiton
Grading – The Point

Please, if you do end up getting in touch with these guys to discuss paid work on your projects, do let them know that you came across their details here. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy the video blog and find it interesting. Don’t forget, the next Live Filmmaker’s TV Show will be on Tuesday 26th July 2011 at 9pm UK time. There will be more great guests and plenty of indie film banter. To find out more about the Live Show click here.

Thanks for stopping by, more updates to come!


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