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Closer to finishing my short S16mm film Love Like Hers

I heard great news today from the new post-production house who have very kindly taken on the conforming and grading of Love Like Hers. Jon Dobson (colourist) let me know that he had started grading the film earlier today (Fri 23rd Dec 2011).

The colour grading stage of post-production has been a complete nightmare. Delayed by months after being left somewhat in the dark with our previous post-production house. These things happen I guess. Will be leaving that behind us now and moving on.

I spoke to Jon about the look I’m after for the film. I want this to look like a proper film and not like a TV documentary. I’m after that contrasty cinematic look. Cropping the film to 2.35:1 will also help deliver that look I’m after. Jon totally gets the look I want and I can’t wait to see the first pass of grading.

This puts a huge smile on my face and I’m confident that we can now move on and finally finish Love Like Hers and get it out on the festival circuit.

There are several visual effects shots in the film and my VFX friend Chris Taylor has very nearly finished those ready to add to the online edit.

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Jon and Andrew Dobson at award winning ADBS in Roundhay, Leeds for their help. They’ve stepped in at the last minute to help us get this film over the finish line. I’m hoping this is the start of a long working relationship with these guys.You can follow Jon Dobson on Twitter here.

Scroll down and check out some screen grabs from the Love Like Hers grading process that Jon sent over earlier.

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