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First major short film project edges closer to finish line.

This was a very proud moment for me. Finally seeing my s16mm film (Love Like Hers), with a professional colour grade. I may need to take a moment…

Colour grading is the process of making your film look pretty. Taking your washed out, flat and dull looking images and bringing them to life. A little like messing about with pictures in Photoshop. Similar principles.

I’m very pleased with the first pass at colour grading. Jon Dobson at ADBS in Leeds has done a great job. The colours are terrific, rich, deep and vibrant. I do like the super16mm look.

The next step is to now go through the grade with my director of photography (David Beaumont), to cast a fine tuned eye over the colours. They maybe a little tweaking here and there. But generally, heading in the right direction and again, very pleased.

The film stock we used seems to be a little on the grainy side which has made some shots difficult to grade. This is pretty standard for the film stock we were using (Fuji Film Eterna 250D).

Thanks again to Andrew and Jon at ADBS in Leeds. I enjoyed the afternoon over at their studio and very much looking forward to a great working relationship with them on future projects. Another great addition to the Filmmaker’s Journey team.

Hope you find the video blog above interesting and thanks for stopping by.

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NOTE: This video blog was shot on my iphone and it looks like if have been punched in the eye on this video. That’s just some weird case of eczema that I’ve had for a few weeks now.


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